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All are Grxymkjbn Recordings

Everything recorded at C Gilchrist's Grxymkjbn recording studio

CD's are $11.99 each CHEAP! plus $2.75 shipping and tax, if an Ohio resident


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Cincinnati Credits:

Alice Bohn did almost all the vocals; C Gilchrist did almost all the music.

Sometimes Paul - songs written by Alice Bohn & C Gilchrist. Released Aug '01. 

A vocal/groove-oriented collection.

See the video from 12/23/2002:

Feelin' it 

This is the third part of a three part capture of performance by the band, hence it is the ending to the original tune.

Edited for Internet playback-Low res, low fidelity due to space constraints but suitable for dial-up modems. Yea, the joys of free web hosting!


* Buy the whole memorable night on Video! Only 34.95! Promise in a whole lot better quality, copied from digital tape master to DVD! Video performance caught on tape by Jenelle Rose.

MP3 Samples from the latest release:

1.  i am your soap [4:49] [4.41 MB]
2.  mary and margaret [3:43] [3.39 MB]
3.  insecurity [3:18] [3.01 MB]
4.  this is life [3:32] [3.23 MB]
5.  prison in demand [5:15] [4.80 MB]
6.  nightingale [3:42] [3.38 MB]
7.  lover is time [4:57] [4.52 MB]
8.  project 18 [3:41] [3.37 MB]
9.  eggshell [4:56] [4.50 MB]
10.  skin on skin [3:06] [2.83 MB]
11.  feelin' it [3:29] [3.19 MB]
12.  can't shut up [4:23] [4.01 MB]
13.  no more [3:24] [3.11 MB]
14.  alligator purse [4:26] [4.06 MB]



Sometimes Paul (Studio Release)


Sometimes Paul

Live at Bullfishes

July, 26, 2002

A great version of Feelin' It done live for you with some fantastic covers thrown in for a great time. A sampling of this band's live work! You have to own this CD! Fly, Feelin' It, Heart Of Glass, Crazy, Galileo, China, Ramble On, No Surprises.



Live at Rosie's

Features some great cover tunes. White Rabbit, Cornflake Girl, Telephone Line, Uninvited, Proud Mary, Galileo, Lola, Creep, Twisted, Mrs. Robinson, Wild Horses, You Really Got A Hold On Me, Let's Spend The Night Together, Lie Still Little Bottle, Comfortably Numb, Blister In the Sun, Every Little She Does Does Is Magic



It's Me Again

The entire second side of Abbey Road; Come together; Why Don't We Do it in the Road; I Dig a Pony; No Reply; I've Got a Feeling; Martha My Dear - The Beatles
'39 - Queen
A Soldier's Things - Tom Waits
Hello, It's Me - Todd Rundgren
God only Knows - The Beach Boys
Chain Gang - The Pretenders
Criminal - Fiona Apple
Take me to the River - Talking Heads
SPANK! Demo medley - various artists
Prince Nez - Squirrel Nut Zippers



Lilac Wine

Lilac Wine - J. Sherman
Hungarian Rhapsody - Liszt
Halleluiah - Leonard Cohen
Sweet Baby James; You Can Close Your Eyes - James Taylor
Wrecking Ball - Neil Young
Making Whoopee (?)
Helplessly Hoping - Crosby, Stills & Nash
Sweet Dreams Eurhythmics
Can't Find My Way Home - Blind Faith
Early Morning Rain - Gordon Lightfoot



Come Closer 

Love Hurts - Nazareth
Us and Them - Pink Floyd
Birdhouse in your soul - They Might Be Giants
Don't Think Twice - Bob Dylan
Wild World - Cat Stevens
Allison - Elvis Costello
Purple Rain - Prince
Your Green Eyes - Kate Wolf
Lover, You Shoulda Come Over - Jeff Buckley
Wise Up - Aimee Mann



Other CD's you may enjoy:

Pizza, Sex or Chocolate

Pizza Sex or Chocolate, by Abrams & Gilchrist. 13 tunes written by Paul and myself, released 1999. This CD features Tracy Masterson, Sheli Kiser, Jeanine Walker, Mandy Jacobs and Annette Shepherd providing guest vocals.









Pizza, Sex or Chocolate- Cincinnati


Paul Abrams and C Gilchrist wrote it all;

many guest female vocalists are featured.


1.  Lately in Love [3:22] [3.07 MB]
2.  You Don't Give a F*ck [1:49] [1.66 MB]
3.  In This Room [2:53] [2.63 MB]
4.  Now Listen! [3:18] [3.02 MB]
5.  Breath [2:26] [2.21 MB]
6.  Fragments [4:02] [3.69 MB]
7.  Retreat [3:16] [2.98 MB]
8.  Spanking [2:15] [2.06 MB]
9.  Right [4:50] [4.42 MB]
10.  Again [3:40] [3.36 MB]
11.  Some Stupid Songs [2:03] [1.88 MB]
12.  Sometimes [3:12] [2.92 MB]
13.  Abbey Leave [5:25] [4.94 MB]



Click to see a close up of the inside cover

From Fire to Fit - 15 years of analog 8-track *


A best-of collection that spans fifteen years

*"Love Is The Plan" was done in '85 on a four-track. The rest was done on analog 8-track from '87 to '00, and released in Aug, 2001. Features great guest appearances by Jill Haarlander, Paul Abrams, Roger Klug, Jay Mattingly and others.


1.  Immediate Gratification [3:02] [2.77 MB]    
2.  URA Shadow [4:08] [3.78 MB]    
3.  Vacation Song [4:16] [3.90 MB]    
4.  Kettle of Fish [4:09] [3.79 MB]    
5.  Challenge of Pain [5:47] [5.29 MB]    
6.  The Hunger [6:07] [5.59 MB]    
7.  One of These Days [3:59] [3.64 MB]    
8.  Shed My Ideals [3:45] [3.43 MB]    
9.  God is Deep [3:30] [3.20 MB]    
10.  Requiem [6:03] [5.53 MB]    
11.  Wasteland [6:07] [5.59 MB]    
12.  Love is the Plan [6:07] [5.60 MB]    
13.  My Family [4:53] [4.47 MB]    
14.  Censor Yourself, Mother F*cker [2:43] [2.48 MB]    
15.  Anniversary Song [3:38] [3.31 MB]    
16.  Stuck in Traffic [3:21] [3.06 MB]    
17.  Queen of the World [3:35] [3.27 MB]    
18.  Empty Nest [3:47] [3.45 MB]    




More Here:


Dance Track

Just like it says. A non stop, get off your butt and get on your feet and shake it. This is C. Gilchrist's latest effort actually. Buy two.



Orchestral Space Music

Again just C. Gilchrist, this time in 1994 on a Ensoniq TS-10 keyboard. He plays an Orchestral composition, 4 symphony movements, three Eastern themes and even a space waltz, presumably inspiring the name for the CD.



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* Everything recorded at  C. Gilchrist's Grxymkjbn recording studio.


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