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All are Grxymkjbn Recordings

Everything recorded at  C. Gilchrist's Grxymkjbn recording studio

CD's are $12.00 each CHEAP! plus $2.50 shipping and tax, if an Ohio resident


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Odds And Ends

Released 1989. 23 original tunes featuring the usual cast of suspects: Roger Klug, Paul Abrams, Jay Mattingly. Some good stuff from the 4-track days (dating back to '85) up to the dawn of the 8-track era.  


"Things That Really Piss Me Off!!"

The first Offenders album - (released '90)- graces side B: Post-punk rants about society-n-stuff. The Offenders was really just Paul Abrams and myself, but it grew into something totally unexpected. . . . "Besides" is really more properly termed "B-sides" - here are some 'also-rans' and outtakes from other projects. All kinds of too-weird-for-pop junk on this side of the tape.


"Son Of Things That Really Piss Me Off!!"

The second Offenders effort (released '91) got top billing on this tape, along with inspiring a suitably-offensive cover. Paul Abrams joins me for another slightly-more-comedic-but-still-jaundiced look at the world. Both Offenders tapes enjoyed fairly heavy airplay on WAIF. Jill Haarlander adds a guest vocal track on "Everyone Must Live Up to His Stereotype". . . . . Side B is called 'Music for Films That Never Existed', and that's a pretty accurate description. It's just 45 minutes of instrumental stuff. Roger Klug helped write one of 'em.




Space Music

My first ambient/new age collection. Released in '88, it was all done on four-track. It features 19 spacey instrumentals and one whacked-out but relaxing vocal contribution from Paul Abrams.  


Symphony Mediocritie

My first symphony, performed on an Ensoniq Mirage. It basically sucks, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for it.  


Weird Music

A hodge-podge of various quirky pop tunes, most of which are culled from past collections. An early 'best-of' album. Released 1990.


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