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Sometimes Paul
90's Pix Pg 1
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80's Pix
New Orleans
70's Pix

C Gilchrist/Grxymkjbn Photo Scrapbook 1

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The Evil Genius Himself, 

C. Gilchrist 

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buncha folks you never heard of

Dar Williams

Jeff Buckley

Led Zep


Moxy Fruvous

Nina Simone
Pink Floyd
Tori Amos


Paul Abrams on drums and vocals and Chip Gilchrist on guitar and vocals: Acoustic 12-string and minimal drums playing harmony-driven pop from the 1920s to the present. We also work with a few female vocalists - Alice Bohn, Annette Shepherd and Jenn Hackman, mostly.

Paul and Chip have been playing together on and off since 1972. We've been recording for most of that time and have tons of original material from over the past fifteen years or so.

Local Concerts:

Sometimes Paul

On the Road:

Harley Davidson Cafe in Las Vegas Feb 11, 2002

Paul, Annette and C. at the historical Storyville District of

New Orleans

C Gilchrist/Grxymkjbn Photo Scrapbook

Welcome to the online photo album. Please ignore the ubiquitous spattering of dots all over the photos - my scanner appears to be inadequate. These are some highlights from my musical career spanning the last three decades or so.

Shots from the 70's

Shots From the 80's

Shots From the 90's Page 1

Shots From The 90s Page 2


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